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LVVCM HOA Services

 Las Vegas Valley Community Management offers management services which are necessary for a successful and an active Community Association. Our devoted managers are focused on improving your community and the enjoyment of the members who have invested their time and money into making their community their home.

The following is provided to each community:

  • Certified Community Managers, responding responsibly, quickly and daily to phone calls and emails of Board Members, Homeowners and Vendors.
  • Become familiar with the community’s CC&Rs, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and provide knowledgeable guidance to Board Members and Homeowners as the governing documents relate to issues.
  • Regular, timely community inspections by Managers.
  • Regular compliance inspections with written notification of Governing Documents non-compliance to the current Homeowners and tenants of a property.
  • Provide a Welcome Package to all new Homeowners upon notification from the Title Company explaining website access, benefits of the community and responsibilities for all Association matters.
  • Process all Homeowner requests in a timely and thorough manner.
  • Process Architectural Requests to Architectural Committee in a timely manner and issue approval or denial letters.
  • Collection of assessments through lockbox services, automatic debit and monitor all delinquencies.
  • Prepare and provide to the Board of Directors complete and thorough monthly financial reports to include delinquency reports.
  • Initiate collection process with Board approval and provide the Board monthly updates of all collections.
  • Home-based Online check signing with secure website approval by Board of all expenditures. No need to travel to our office for check signing.
  • Provide Board with timely YTD data and prepare annual budget with reserve funding review.
  • Attend and Prepare agenda and meeting materials for Board of Director Meetings, Annual Meeting, Budget Ratification Meetings and Hearings.
  • Transcribe and prepare meeting minutes of all meeting.
  • Secure Custodian of all community records and files.
  • 24/7 secure website access for all Board Members and Homeowners
  • Architectural, non-compliance & financial reports available to Board Members via secured 24/7 website.



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